Conversations with the Dead title

John on A Plague of Demons (see map)

John on A Plague of Demons

First meeting remark

Hey man, we all thought you were dead!
How'd you get down this far by yourself?
Never mind. I'm glad to see you, but hurry up
and catch the others.

Steven was carrying the bomb when they
left. But man, they're in serious trouble.
You could see it. They were losing hope.

trouble (or) hope
Everybody was getting tired- nobody
expected to be fighting the things we've
been meeting. It's too weird. Hurry up and
find them, they need you.


You know my name, come on. I'm John,
remember? You're joking, right?

You shouldn't joke with dead people, man,
they're in no mood for it.


After we'd been wandering around here for a
few minutes, we were attacked by these
invisible creatures. Two of them got me.

invisible (or) creatures
We could see the creatures through the
infra-red goggles, but it didn't help when
they attacked. I got hurt bad, the guys
stayed with me until I died.

infra-red (or) goggles
I've got a pair, take mine. It helps being
able to see them, but the things are fast! Be

radio (or) beacon

I was carrying one of the extraction
beacons, but they took it after I died. They
left my broken M-16.


If anybody survives, I bet it'll be Greg. No
offense, of course, it just seems like he
could live through anything.


Steven changed the code after you were lost,
but I don't know what it is.

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following replies:

What? I didn't understand.

I don't know anything about that, man.

I can't understand you.

Additional Notes

There are a number of external triggers in this Conversation. John will respond to the name Greg but since it hasn't been used before it is highly unlikely that you would have got this Conversation the first time round. The same could be said for the word code it doesn't appear in the Conversation nor are you aware at this stage that the code was in fact changed. So there doesn't seem to be any reasonable reason for asking about it at this point. However it is reasonable to ask about a radio beacon since the manual tells you that you need a "radio beacon" to signal the extraction team.

According to Chuck Gray's Dead Scripts (Part 2/2) there is text associated with John (scri 146) that doesn't seem to be triggerable. Namely:

place to hell!

didn't open,

I wish I had mine to give you.

If you know how to trigger these let me know. Thanks.

There is no second meeting remark associated with John.