Conversations with the Dead title

Steven on Need A Light? (right of map)

Steven on Need A Light?

First meeting remark

Wow, we all thought you were dead. It's a
good thing you made it, you're probably the
last hope now.


I'm Steven. If I weren't dead I'd be insulted
that you didn't recognize me.


There's this huge blue creature around the
corner, watch out. I was the first one to get
burned. I'm glad we left Greg outside the

You'll see soon enough, I can't really
describe what happened.


Greg was carrying the bomb when he got
seperated from us by that sliding door, we
tried to stop it from closing but it was too
strong. Find him, he needs your help.


Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot.
We changed the first three digits of the code
from '287' to '658' because you were
seperated from us.

radio (or) beacon

I've got a beacon, and I think it survived the
fire. I hope it still works.


We lost john a day ago when we were
attacked by these invisible monsters.


Ed is somewhere down the corridor behind
me, I heard him die right after I did.

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following replies:

I don't understand what you mean.

I can't help you with that.

Sorry, say that again?

Additional Notes

According to Chuck Gray's Dead Scripts (Part 2/2) there is a text associated with Steven that doesn't appear to be triggerable. The text is as follows:

find Greg and the bomb and bring this whole place down. Don!t worry about us.

It sounds like it was intended as a second meeting remark.

Steven's response to the name "Ed" is incorrect.

Ed is somewhere down the corridor behind
me, I heard him die right after I did.

Ed died near the start of the level before Darren, Sean, Jason and Steven.

Steven will not respond to the names: Jason, Darren or Sean.

There is no second meeting remark associated with Steven.