Conversations with the Dead title

Sean on Need A Light? (right of map)

Sean on Need A Light?

First meeting remark

Beware the flames! You need to find Greg.
How'd you get down the ladder at the base of
the pyramid? Those doors shut behind us.

You'll find the flames soon enough.


Greg has the bomb. You need to find him and
complete the mission. Steven changed the
code, I don't know what it is.

Yes, the mission. Don't tell me you don't
remember the mission ...


Steve was the first one to die. You'll find
his body up the corridor a bit. Be careful.

That thing will probably attack you when
you get close to Steven's body, so watch out.

You'll find it soon enough.

down (or) base (or) pyramid (or) doors

The first few doors we walked through in
this damned pyramid sealed behind us, and we
had no way to go but down.


I'm Sean, man, who do you think I am? Are
you sure you're ok?


We all died by fire. Darren was the last, but
after I died it chased him around the corner
into that dead end.

You'll find it soon enough.

radio (or) beacon (or) extraction

I hope you can find an intact beacon, or
you're really toast.


Ed bought it as soon as we reached this
level. It saved him the trouble of dying
here, with the rest of us.


John died before we realized we needed the
infra-red goggles to see those snakes a few
levels ago.

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following replies:

Say again?

What? I don't understand.

Sorry, man, you're not making any sense.

Additional Notes

In version 2.0 of Pathways Into Darkness the word damned was dropped in the following Conversation:

The first few doors we walked through in
this pyramid sealed behind us, and we had no
way to go but down.

This piece of text also explains why none of the Germans remember seeing Americans. Your Special Forces team found the doors open on the Ground Floor and went directly down Feel The Power. Walter is the only German they could have met yet it is possible to miss Walter's body if you don't explore the level fully.

According to Chuck Gray's Dead Scripts (Part 2/2) there is a text associated with Sean that doesn't appear to be triggerable. The text is as follows:

the thing, and I don!t think he was fully aware of what was happening
even when he died

At last we find out about the bomb code change. We now have a reason to ask about the code.

Sean's comments about the doors at the base of the pyramid sealing behind them suggests that they were already open when they arrived. Note also that we haven't found any Alien Pipes on the dead Americans.

For people who all died by fire none of the bodies look even slightly burnt. Indeed the pools of blood would suggest another form of death.

Sean will not respond to the name "Jason" or "Darren"

There is no second meeting remark associated with Sean.