From: (Jason Jones)
Subject: Re: Can't find Greg in PiD
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Date: Sun, 13 Feb 1994 05:36:39 GMT
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In article <2jgh7f$> (Russ Taylor) writes:
>Dave Mayer put forth into the Codex of Shub-Internet:
>> HELP! I've found the remains of the American expedition, and Ed (the poor
>> armless soul in the pillar area of Need a Light) has been helpful enough
>> to tell me that he saw Greg run back through the area ten minutes after the
>> rest of the expedition went to their doom at the hands (?...) of the Weber
>> Char-Lite blob....but, theoretically, the only ladder out of NaL? leads back
>> to the Labyrinth., and I can't find Greg *ANYWHERE* on the neighboring levels
>> to Layrinth. Spoilers are unnecessary, but hints would be greatly appreciated...
>Here's an easy hint:
>He's under the first skitter level.  Somewhere under :)

Ask him about Street Fighter.  :)