From: (Doug Creutz)
Subject: PiD Demo ?s
Date: 7 Oct 1994 16:46:33 GMT
Organization: California Institute of Technology
Lines: 22
Message-ID: <373u19$>
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I know this is an old demo, but the recent craze over mac 3d-games prompted me 
to download this, and I have a few questions.

1) How many levels are there in the demo (so far I have found 3)

2) Are there a fixed # of beasties per level, or do more appear as time passes?
On "Charon doesn't make change", bad guys keep popping up in places I had
previously cleared.  Very bad for ammo conservation.

3) Is there a fixed end to the demo (like Wolf 3D)?

4) Are there any secret areas in the demo, and if so how do I go about looking
for them?

Sorry if this is an old topic - if there is a faq somewhere, please point me in
that direction (I've seen one for the full game but not for the demo.)

Thanks in advance,