Conversations with the Dead title

Anonymous German soldier on Welcome, Tasty Primate

Unknown on Welcome, Tasty Primate

First meeting remark

It was twelve days ago, it must have been.

twelve (or) days
No, not twelve- hundreds. Sixteen Sundays,
even. I've been counting. I can tell you


Names are unimportant, but I know yours.
I'll never tell him, don't worry. I know

You know. I can't say. He who rises with
the tides, master of all things small and

Not the tides, fool! Don't you understand?

no (or) yes
It doesn't matter.


I'm not dead, I've only settled down to rest
for a moment. Go along, I'll catch up with
you soon.


Grenades ... Mmmm ... tasty.

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following replies:

Leave me now, blasphemer!

You're not making any sense, are you all

Additional Notes

The word grenades seems a popular external word trigger. Now we know what happened to all the grenades. ;-)

The external word triggers no and yes seem to be designed to be used after the response to tides.

No second meeting remark