Conversations with the Dead title

Walter on Feel The Power (see map)

Walter on Feel The Power

First meeting remark

Who are you? You want my gold, don't you?
Don't take my gold!

Don't take it, it's mine! It's all I have left,
all I have to look at. There's plenty more ...

No, it's MINE! Don't take it! Mine, mine

plenty (or) more

Somewhere a few ladders down there's a
huge gold door Muller gave us the key for.
There are eleven more ingots down there,
don't take mine! Get your own!

ladders (or) down (or) own
You'll find it easily enough, there's only one
way to go. There are invisible demons on
the level below this one, watch out. I
escaped them, I ran.

invisible (or) demons
We didn't meet them on the way down, but
they were everywhere when I came back. It
was like everything was asleep and we
slowly woke it up.

asleep (or) woke
The pyramid slowly awoke behind his,
trapping us down here.

pyramid (or) here
I hate this place.


Running was my only defense down here,


Muller sent us to get one gold ingot and a wooden
box, he said they were extremely important.
I was leaving though, there was no way I
was going back down to try to find him.
wooden (or) box
Muller said we needed all twelve ingots, but
that the box would duplicate things which
were placed inside it so we should only get
one. We found the box.

The box worked like he said, but the ingots
wouldn't fit inside it. I dropped it when I
was attacked by the invisible demons, it
was useless. But I kept the ingot.


Muller was just greedy. He was probably
planning to kill us all and take the gold for
himself. I would have.


I was leaving as fast as I could, I wasn't
about to stay down here if I could help it ...


I had the key, but someone took it. A group
of people passed by, speaking Spanish, and
their leader took it.

They had weapons even better than our
machine pistols. I couldn't understand what
they were saying.

Their weapons fired faster and did more
damage to those slime things. I wish we'd
had weapons like that.


I couldn't understand what he was saying,
but it seemed like he was expecting to find
the key.


Walter. I remember Muller saying my name
when he sent me to find the ingots. I hate


Those slime things were everywhere,
roaming the corridors in groups of three. I
ran as fast as I could, but they got me ...

One of the oozes turned a corner in front of
me while I was running from a ghoul. I ran
into him before I knew it...

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following replies:

You're not making any sense.

What are you trying to say?

I can't understand you.

Additional Notes

Most of this Conversation develops from the opening remark. The thread is very long.

You just have to love the Conversation that is triggered by the word mine.

No second meeting remark.