Conversations with the Dead title

Juan on Warning: Earthquake Zone (right of map)

Juan on Warning: Earthquake Zone

First meeting remark

Who are you? What's happening? I thought I
was dead- are you just a dream? I haven't
seen a living person in years.

Sometimes I have the most horrible dreams.
Or maybe they are real. Do dead men dream?

living (or) person (or) years

It seems like forever since my companions
and I passed through here.

I was part of a six-man group looking for
some sort of enchanted bottle- I never
really believed it. But we were ambushed
here, and all died.

enchanted (or) bottle
It was all Javier's idea. He said the bottle
held great power, and that we would find
much gold on the way.

He ran past the monsters and around a
corner. I don't know if he made it or not.


Javier was obsessed with power. From what
he said, I gathered the type he was looking
for was of the destructive sort.


We didn't find any gold, and I doubt Javier
ever found his bottle. We were too greedy.

Greed is why I died.


These green, humanoid slimes attacked us,
and devoured everyone but myself. For some
reason they completely ignored me, and took
my friends.

green (or) humanoid (or) slimes
They killed and then absorbed everyone,
until only their weapons were left. Maybe
Javier and Carlos escaped, but I doubt it. I
ran back here and hid.

You should be able to find their weapons, if
someone else hasn't taking them. It's


He ran past the monsters and around a
corner. I don't know if he made it or not.


It was horrible, watching their bodies being
pushed into those green thing's chest and


I think my name is Juan. I can't remember
any of my companions names.


I was poisoned by a venomous snake in the
jungle. Down here, two days later, I
suddenly became weak and collapsed. I died

poisoned (or) snake
I don't know what kind of snake it was that
got me in the jungle. It was a very slow
venom, finally becoming potent right before
our group was ambushed.


Pedro was trapped behind a door on a higher
level. We tried to get him out, but we
couldn't move the door, so we left. I wonder
what happened ...

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following replies:

You're not making sense.

I don't understand what you mean.

Additional Notes

Odd how Juan says he can't remember any of his companions names yet he rattles off the names "Javier" and "Carlos" when you ask him about the green oozes. I guess the poison was affecting his memory. ;-)

No second meeting remark