Conversations with the Dead title

Hans on They May Be Slow... (middle of map)

Hans on They May Be Slow...

First meeting remark

We just couldn't kill them; our bullets went
right through those phantasms! Watch out,
they're everywhere.

I jumped down the ladder from the level
above and ran all the way here. Somewhere
on the way I hid most of my spare clips in a
room full of bones, stuffed in a skull.
Search there if you need them.

phantasms (or) they

Muller called them shades. There's this
horrible, chilling moment when they scream
and your vision flickers and you wonder if
you're going to die. We never found a way to
kill them.

Muller, damn him. This is all his fault. I'm
sure he's dead, somewhere...


He called them shades because you can see
through them, like they're just shadows.
They have two, glowing red eyes. Run as
fast as you can, if you see one.


Their screams are awful, don't make me
think about it.


My name is Hans ... I think I remember being
called Hans.


One of those shadowy things enveloped and
killed me. Nothing seemed to hurt it-
bullets, knives, grenades. I ran as far as I
could, wounded, but I finally died here.

Our machetes worked great on the headless
creatures, and we saved bullets by killing
them that way, but blades didn't hurt the


The grenades worked great on the headless
creatures, but we only had about thirty of
them and we used them too fast.


Muller never told us why we were here. I
died for nothing, I'm sure.

Behrens (or) Joachim (or) Claude

I didn't know him very well, sorry. I was a
new recruit.

Of all the first missions I could have been
sent on, I had to come to this place.

Any word that doesn't trigger a new conversation will elicit the following replies:

You don't make any sense. Leave please.

I don't understand. Please leave, please.

Second meeting remark

Why are you back? Leave! Get out before
they come back ...


Yes, leave!

Additional Notes

The first meeting remark generates a number of word triggers. Since it is only displayed once it might be a good idea to record it.

Odd how Hans doesn't respond to the name Gunther. He will respond to the name Claude however. Claude appears later in the game.