From: (Dan Meltz)
Subject: Re: PID, last level
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Date: Tue, 26 Jul 1994 04:54:24 GMT
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In article <> (Brian Tom) writes:
>After months of playing, I finally got to the last level, Who Else Wants Some?.
>In the PID faq, it says that you can rest before each level of monsters, but
>I'm finding that I cannot...  Anyone else have this experience?  Whenever
>I try and rest, a monster appears, which, I suspect, comes from that floating
>guy in the middle.

If it DOES say that you can rest BETWEEN waves, then whoever compiled the FAQ
was on crack.  MOST of the stuff is dead on correct, but then you get this
kind of thing, and that stuff about the gasmask,  which are patently FALSE.

you CANNOT rest between waves on OK, WHO ELSE WANTS SOME. THAT's what makes
it such a killer.  otherwise you'd need only two potions, MAXIMUM, for the
first EIGHT levels.

>The fact that you cannot rest makes the last level a bit more difficult.  By
>the way, I have 9 blue potions, 4 red potions, and 3 violet potions.  Looks
>like I'll need all 9!

you're pretty much set.  remember, if there is only one wave of each monster,
then you'll only go through 12 waves. and you have 16 potions.  if you make it
through the first 4 waves without using a potion, which is completely possible,
then for the remaining 8 waves you can use up 2 potions per wave.  that's not
too bad, is it?

>Any comments/suggestions welcome.  I've only been able to make it to the
>banshee level, and I get creamed pretty quickly.  The faq recommends the
>violet crystal here.  Any other suggestions?  A violet potion, perhaps?
>I know, this is only the beginning...

See, this is where the FAQ is dead on RIGHT.  there is really no better choice
than the Viole(n)t crystal.  my hint is that you should turn to one side, so
that you make SURE that side is clear when you drop the crystal damage on them.
then you can turn back towards the other side, while backing up into the corner
that you just cleared.  REMEMBER, this is one of the TWO waves where the
creatures do NOT shoot projectiles at you.  use that.

Greg (gjk1), is there anything i missed?

enjoy the game, brian.


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