Subject: PID notes
Date: 24 Feb 1994 08:11:14 -0600
Organization: UTexas Mail-to-News Gateway
Lines: 22
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some spoilers ahead....

When I killed the alien, I picked up the gem. I set the bomb and was curious if
it was dropped. I searched and found another gem. The first was already in the
metal box, so perhaps the program got confused. I had two gems in the box. I
don't know if I got credit for two or not.

Concerning the easter egg: Did anyone take any of those teleporters? That sucksParticularly if you have to eat the egg to get out. That really sucks.

I found venemous skitters to be the most troublesome monster, but still feel 
that Feel the Power was the hardest level. How anyone would know to descend to
another level to get the machine gun (at this point) is beyond me. Playing this
level with the revolver is just plain tough.

I can't remember the name of the level, but there is one where you have to
pass a sentinel to get to a save rune. There is nothing beyond that sentinel
but the save rune (except a few monsters). In the room with the rune, the
appears to be a display bug. When you walk into the column in the NW corner of
the room, the screen goes grey/black. Nothing else happens. I didn't see this
happen anywhere else.