From: (Joe Gervais )
Subject: Re: Pathways help needed - almost done!
Date: 6 Jan 1994 01:41:49 GMT
Organization: University of California, San Diego
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Distribution: world
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In article <2gfh5l$> (David Needleman) writes:
>I tried getting past the purple monster several times.  I agree with your
>observation that the gask mask did not reduce the damage I took.
>I have a question about the Easter egg.  I am avoiding going through the
>transporters by activating the Easter egg.  Has anyone else tried this, and
>will it cause any problems in fighting the roomfull of monsters or in winning
>the game?  Also, is there any way to rest between the rooms? 

It's much easier if you just walk *around* the monster.
Saves a ton of ammo if you haven't been able to solve the
ammo problem. ;-)

As for the Easter Egg, I did the same thing your are
and didn't notice any ill effects. Although I *did*
end up with two alien gemstones in my possession. Still
not sure if that was a feature or a bug. Oh well, either
way I ended up with several more points than the claimed
maximum value.

Never found a way to rest between those rooms.

I still have this nagging feeling that I missed something.
After I finished the game I used ResEdit to poke around.
Did anyone ever find the Ceremonial Mask? The one that
looked like a human face in great pain?


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