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Date: Tue, 08 Feb 1994 09:27:15 PST
Subject: Re: Feel the Power (Pid): Eeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
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Richard D. Pearson, writes:

>In a Plague of Demons in the lower middle part of the map you
>find the cedar box.  This multiplies your ammo every two
>minutes or so.(Hint:SLEEP)

Every minute, on the dot.  And it will duplicate anything you put in
it, if it will fit.  That includes all ammo (including the M-16 stuff),
the P4, and the survival knife.  If the P4 has ammo in it, the ammo 
will be duplicated along with the P4 itself.

But don't sleep just to duplicate stuff.  Sleep only to heal.  You
sleep in increments of 7 minutes each, and only get a chance to
take stuff out of the box once each period.  That means you can
make new stuff 7 times as fast while you're not sleeping.

Just keep the box visible in your inventory window, and keep an eye
on it while you're going about your business.  Every time something
appears in it, interrupt whatever you're doing and take one out.  The
game will pause while you are doing that, so you can do it even in
fairly touchy situations.  With proper care, the box will manufacture
ammo faster than you shoot it off, even if you don't rest much.

-Ron Hunsinger