From: (Micah Anderson)
Subject: PathWays Into Darkness howto Cheat
Date: 25 Aug 1993 05:39:15 GMT
Organization: University of Washington
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                        Pathways Into Darkness
                        item cheat file v.1.1

This file will show you how to give your character in Pathways Into
Darkness any item you would care to want. It is a quite simple
process, although it CAN be dangerous so I recommend you make a copy of
your Saved Games file and keep it in a spare place (yea, yea, you've
heard it before... but it REALLY sucks to lose your file when you've
gotten all the way to the suffocation chamber or something.)

So you have to have some sort of sector editor, I've been using Norton
Utilites (you can get to it by loading up Norton and then in the
Utilities menu its the item which says, Norton Disk Editor.) open up
your Saved Games file. Go to sector 6 (within the file, NOT 6 absolute
sectors - that would probably take you into your boot block or
something nasty), this is where all the inventory items are kept (for
the FIRST game in your list, I haven't figured out where the others
are located yet, I haven't the need for it yet. If you figure it out,
let me know)

Each item in your inventory is 8 bytes long. A byte consists of a hex
"number" so FF is a byte, so is 33 and 2A, etc. You can see (at least
within Norton) that there are two sets of 8 on each line. It may be a
little confusing as there are four sections on each line. Each one of
those sections has 8 single digits in it, in other words four bytes.
So you take the left half of the line and there are two sections of
four bytes, those left two sections consist of one inventory item. It
may take a second for this to sink in, but look at it for a little
while, it'll make sense.

The second byte is the item hex code number (the list is below as to
which each hex code corresponds to). It is benifical to change a
couple copies of Mien Kampf into a clip of ammo, or a potion or
something. To do this, just change this byte to the hex number in the
list below.

The fourth byte is the condition of the item (either worn or wielded,
or just held) hex number. I believe that 00 means you are holding the
item (just in your inventory), 01 and 02 either mean word/wielded or
held (as in a crystal sense). I haven't botherd to figure out what
these actually are as it is just as easy to do that garbage within the
game. Modifying this byte is just worthless and is increasing your
chance of screwing something up.

The sixth byte is the quantity in hex. This is a handy one if you seem to
be running out of ammo (yea, like that would EVER happen in this
game... I would often just give myself a couple clips of 255 shots for
my Walther, that way I wouldnt think I was cheating - not like giving
yourself a violet potion and a ceder box right away, you have to find
those!). Compute the hex value with a calculator (I would recommend
PCalc) and put it in here... the max is FF (which in decimal is 255).
Clips that normally come in x8 (Walther) or x32 (P-41) can be set to
x255 without any problems.... Its handy to have a large clip, as
reloading takes time.

The Eight byte is the inventory catalog hex number. This is where in
your list of items this item lies. I wouldn't recommend modifying this
one either, just change it in the game.

Exceptions: When an item is stored in a container (like ammo in a gun
or the pearl in a sack...) some bytes are turned into FFFF; the last
inventory item does not seem to have a hex catalog number but FFFF in
the last two bytes.

To sum up: the safest way of editing is simply to change a useless item like
Nazi propaganda to the item you desire. To add items to the inventory is
possible, but extra care and precaution must be used. It may seem
confusing and items may not conform to the descriptions above, but
generally I have found that you can easily identify a clip of ammo or
a piece of Nazi junk and just change that into what you desire, most
everything else just falls into place.

Here is the list of items and their corresponding hex code. Have fun
playing the game, but dont ruin it for yourself!

code# item name
00   Map
01   Digital Watch
02   Flash light
03   IR goggles
04   Cuban gas mask
06   Canvas sack
08   Aromatic box
09   Velvet red bag
0A   Lead box
0C   Empty elaborate vial
0E   Red cloak (Time Accelerating)
10   Nuclear device
11   Radio beacon
12   Blue liquid vial (Healing)
13   Red liquid vial (Time Slow)
14   Brown liquid vial (Poison)
15   Violet liquid vial (Temporary Invulnerability)
16   Main Kampf
17   Small pamphlet
18   BirdUs Egg
19   Bad M-16
1A   Bad AK-47
1B   Bad MP-41
1C   Bad Walther P4
1D   Ruby Ring
1E   Amethyst Ring
1F   Diamond Necklace
20   Opal Bracelet
21   Alien Pipes
22   Silver Key
23   Silver Bowl
24   Gold Key
25   Gold Ingot
26   Sapphire
28   Emerald
29   Large Pearl
2C   (Ceremonial Mask?)
2D   Survival Knife
2E   Walther P4
2F   Colt .45
30   Schmeisser MP-41
31   AK-47
32   M-79 Grenade Launcher
33   Walther P4 Ammo (8 rounds)
34   MP-41 Ammo (32 rounds)
35   AK-47 Ammo (30 rounds)
36   AK-47 HE Ammo (30 rounds?)
37   AK-47 SABOT Ammo (30 rounds)
38   M-16 Ammo
39   Colt .45 Ammo
3A   40 mm HE Cartridge
3B   40 mm Fragmentation Cartridge
3C   40 mm Projectile Cartridge
3D   Silver Medal
3E   Note
3F   Bungie Propoganda
40   Yellow Crystal (Talk)
41   Blue Crystal (Freeze)
42   Orange Crystal (Burn)
44   Mottled Crystal (Lightening?)
45   Green Cyrstal (Earthquake)
46   Black Crystal (Stone?)

If you have corrections, additions or other comments, please mail them
to me and I will attempt to distribute another updated copy.
Somethings that I would like to add: how to change the time and how to
change your location within the game (teleport?!).
Micah Anderson -

With pretty much all of the credit going to ST2C9@Jetson.UH.EDU who
put together this list and many of the discriptions... I just cleaned
the thing up and added on and sent it out to you.