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Date: Sun, 30 Jan 1994 04:07:37 PST
Subject: Re: PiD and The Purple Burping Monster...
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Russ Taylor, writes:

>Bruce Racheter put forth into the Codex of Shub-Internet:
>> > 
>> >     I have past the level "Earthquake Zone" already, but I',m wondering,
>> > can the Purple Burping Monster be killed?  Just for the hell of it?
>> At the same point myself. Can't wait to hear of a reasonable solution from
>> one of the "know-it-all" PID gamesters.
>I emptied about 20 HE grenades without hurting it, and it sure didn't SHOW
>any signs of being wounded (like the Blue Meanie does).  

I emptied more like 30 HE grenades into it (squandering lots of blue 
potions) just as a test.  No effect.  I don't think it can be killed.

>Maybe the black crystal does something.

But you don't have the black crystal -- unless, after you set the bomb,
you go back.  Maybe that's why they give you an extra brown potion.  But
then, how would you get back out?  Hmmmm....  

Notice, by the way, that there are some monsters that are invulnerable
to all crystals, including the black one.  The smoky meanie on "Ok, Who
Else Wants Some?", for example.  Even after you kill everything else.
But the knife works just fine...

>(I just lock it in the room  and forget about it)

Yeah, me too.  But if you come back, you have to come down that long
hallway towards it.  I'd hate to have to take it on with no room to
dodge.  Especially since you'd probably have to come all the way down
the hallway to reopen the door on that side of the save rune.  If it
CAN be re-opened.  And you'd be poisoned to boot. ---  Never mind, I 
just tried it.  If, after completing the final level, you go back to 
the Earthquake Zone, the door into the room with the save rune won't 
open.  So, after getting the black crystal, there is no way to get it 
back to the Purple Meanie to try it out.

-Ron Hunsinger