From: (Russ Taylor)
Subject: Re: PiD....what a rush
Date: 2 Feb 1994 06:22:49 GMT
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> Russ Taylor, writes:
> >Quick question:
> >I missed a red somewhere along the way, could someone send me the locations?
> >(I did get 4 violets though)
> Really?  I only found 3 violets.
> I wasn't counting potions very carefully the first time through, but
> I know I didn't drink any until the end, and I only had 3 when I got
> there.
> The second time I went through, I was very careful with potions.  I
> reached "Ok, Who Else Wants Some?" with:
>    4 red, 17 blue, 3 violet, and 1 brown.
> To get there, I used 1 red on "Happy Happy, Carnage Carnage", and
> 1 brown and 1 blue on "Beware: Earthquake Zone".  So by my count, the 
> total number of all potions available should be:
>    5 red, 18 blue, 3 violet, and 2 brown.

Just played it again, found (this time) 5 reds and 3 violets. Odd.  Not sure
where I picked up the extra violet the first time through.  I forgot to set
the friggin' bomb, too.  Sigh.


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